The improving cryptocurrency’s anonymity receipt by

 crypto currencyThe bitcoin system in terms of anonymity wins a lot comparing to usual non-cash settlements with banks. However, this is not the highest level of anonymity that you can get. You can improve it even more if you will use the mixing service.

The anonymity of a digital currency

One of the advantages of e-currency is the anonymity of users. At the same time, the authorities of many states (for example, in the European Union) claim that this property of the digital currency can be used by terrorists and other criminals. Anyway, this is an evidence of working high anonymity of the cryptocurrency. It has such features:

  • It is impossible to track the sender of the transaction
  • It is impossible to track the receiver of the transaction
  • All the transactions in the system are transparent.

The process of becoming official

At the moment, bitcoin in terms of anonymity wins comparing to conventional non-cash settlements with banks. Since April 2017, bitcoin has officially become a payment facility in the whole of Japan. This is how the adopted bill introduces amendments to the Law on the Payment System.

For the first time, the proposal to revise the Law in favor of recognizing Bitcoin at the legal level was put forward in June 2016. In December of the same year, the first legislative amendments on this issue were submitted for consideration.

Although bitcoin will become an official remedy, the Japanese yen remains the official currency of the country. The law distinguishes between “digital currency” and “official currency”. Users of the cryptocurrency can improve the anonymity of the system, using the This will make the tracking impossible.